1. WI-FI access: click on Auberge-guest, password: auberge2011

2. The facilities are for our guests only. No visitors. No parking for visitors. No overnight guests. These will result in forfeiture of your damage deposit.

3. No pets allowed.

4. Check-in time is after 3:00 P.M. Check-out time is before 10:00 am, this includes your car. Upon check in, keys will be on the property in a lock box. The Guest will be given a pass code to open the lock box in an email sent directly to the Guest.

5. Anyone staying after 10:00 am will forfeit their deposit or pay another night, without the right to stay longer than 10:00 am.

6. There are 3 parking spaces for your unit. Please use the 3 spaces closest to the left side of the house, closest to the rose bushes. Parking is for registered guests only.

7. When turning on the TV’s, it takes a few seconds for the screen to come on, so please be patient.

8. If you eat lobster, do not leave the shells in the apartment. Please place in a plastic bag and put in trash bin in the backyard.

9. This is an old house, that means old plumbing...Please do not dispose of any feminine products, paper towel, or any foreign waste in toilets. Do not use a lot of toilet paper.

10. Please turn off heat and air conditioning while not in the room. When in use, please close all doors and windows.

11. Weather here on the beach changes quickly. If it starts to rain, please close all windows. If the Guest is not in the apartment, the Owner reserves the right to enter the apartment to close all windows. When you leave, please close the windows.

12. This is a non-smoking house, smoking and vaping are not permitted in the house or on the decks. There is a designated cigarette smoking/vaping area beside the lilac tree in the yard. Please dispose of your butts in the red bucket. Smoking marijuana is prohibited everywhere on the property. No exceptions! A $250 fine will be imposed if you smoke in the apartment or on the decks.

13. The Guest may take the beach chairs, umbrellas and beach toys to the beach. They must be returned to the back yard before the end of the day. Do not leave them on the beach.

14. There are 2 shower curtains in the bathrooms. Please keep the interior shower curtain inside the shower when using showers.

15. Each bathroom is stocked with 2 rolls of toilet paper. They will not be replenished during your stay.

16. There are towels in each bathroom. They will not be replenished during your stay. Please do not bring our white towels to the beach.

17. Each bed comes with linens. They will not be changed during your stay. You should know that we change ALL linens between each Guest. This includes each bedspread and blanket, all the towels and all the shower curtains.

18. The Guest may use the barbecue located in the back yard. Please clean it when you’re done.

19. The door to the deck in room 1 (kids room) locks from the outside. This was done on purpose so children do not have access to the deck. The key is in the kitchen hanging inside the cabinet above the fridge. Please no more than 4 people on this deck.

20. Children are NOT allowed on the decks unattended. Please supervise at all times.

21. No child under 6 years old should sleep in the top bunks. This is a safety issue. DO NOT let children jump from the top bunks onto the floor, it makes the lights shake on the first floor.

22. The storm doors onto the decks in rooms 1 and 4 pull down for a screen and pull up to close the screen. Please put the screen up when it rains. Do not prop these doors open since they can be ripped off their hinges by the wind.

23. The linens for the sleep sofa are in the closet of room 2 .

24. The kitchen table expands to fit 8 people. There are wooden folding chairs in each closet and the center leaf is in the closet of room 1.

25. There is an iron, ironing board, broom and small vacuum in closet of room 2.

26. There are beach blankets in each closet that can be used on the sand. Please bring them back. Do not leave them on the beach.

27. There is a foot-wash and outdoor shower attached to the house. Please remove the sand before entering the apartment. Do not use the foot wash that belongs to the condo building located in the walkway to the beach.

28. To operate the DVD player:

  1. Using TV remote, turn TV on.

  2. Walk up to the DVD player, to the disc on top.

  3. Press the “select” button until red light is on “input 2”.

  4. Using DVD remote, turn on DVD player.

  5. Press open button on DVD player and load DVD.

  6. To return to TV, walk up to the disc on top of DVD player again and press “select” button until red light is on “input 1”.

  7. Take out DVD and turn DVD player off

29. There are a few Laundromats in O.O.B. :

  1. Superwash, 2 Cascade Rd.

  2. Oceansuds, 109 West Grand Ave

  3. Maine Cleaners, 200 Saco Ave

  4. Little Miss Cottages Laundromat (open to the public), 173 East Grand Ave

30. Absolutely no subletting allowed in any form. If registered guest leaves early or does not show, rental agreement can not be transferred to another party without consent from the owner.

31. No refunds for early checkout due to bad weather, illness, etc…

Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Please respect the neighbors and the people living below you on the first floor.

The Guest understands:

The Guest is responsible for said property from the moment the keys are picked up from the locked key box to the moment they are returned at 10 AM the following Saturday. This means the Guest is responsible to leave the location as it was found, i.e. clean kitchen, oven, bathrooms, floors, bedding on beds, towels, beach blankets, trash in appropriate barrels etc.. Please leave the apartment in the same condition it was when you checked in. Any unreasonable mess or strong odors at the end of said Guest stay that will require substantial extra time to clean, and/or any damage to the property that will result in an expense to the owner, will be billed to the Guest and/or deducted from the damage/cleaning deposit. We have 4 days to inspect and ensure no damage has been done to the property, that means from check out day, Saturday, to the following Tuesday. The refundable damage/cleaning deposit will be mailed to the guest on the Wednesday after check out, minus any damage or excessive cleaning.

By accepting the keys, the Guest acknowledges that he/she has accepted the property in its current condition and finds it suitable as a rental unit. The Guest agrees to allow the owner or his agent to enter and view the premises, both inside and out, to make any necessary repairs and/or to close open windows in a storm; and to expel the Guest if he/she shall fail to pay rent or breach this rental agreement in any way, in accordance with the laws of the state of Maine. Rental of apartment, sight unseen, must be accepted upon arrival or all deposits will be forfeited. The keys will be placed in a locked key box located on the property and the guest will be provided with a pass code via email prior to check in and after all money has been received.

Check out time is by 10 AM and check in time is after 3 PM.

Maximum occupancy rules must be observed. This rental apartment has been approved by ordinance and code for no more than 8 people. If violation is suspected, Guests are subject to immediate inspection of the premises by owner and/or rental agent and Fire Chief. Appropriate action will follow.

Owner will provide items necessary for use including but not limited to: bed pillows, blankets, towels, cooking and eating utensils, dishes and glassware. Please do not use any of these items on the beach.

Guests shall obey the rules and regulations printed in this book. If the guests, or any of their party, break the “property rules”, the Guest understands that they may be asked to leave with no refund.

The Guest shall ensure that the use of the property during their occupancy shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience the neighbors or people living below them, nor constitute any immoral or unlawful purpose, nor violate any applicable law or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance upon or about the premises. The same applies to such common areas such as yards and driveways. The Guest agrees that he/she will make restitution for and hold harmless the Owner from any loss, damage, claim, demand, suits, judgments, or liabilities which the Owner would be otherwise held responsible for arising from any injury or death to persons or property, or any claim on account thereof resulting from Guest use of the premises or Guest failure to comply with this agreement. In other words, you assume the risk in staying here.

Missing or broken items will be noticed and billed to the Guest and/or deducted from the damage/cleaning deposit. The Guest understands that any additional expense to Owner that occurs during the Guest stay will be deducted from the damage/cleaning deposit.

Owner reserves the right to evict any Guest without prior notice if there is evidence of damage, disturbance, problems with neighbors/police, or breach of this contract of any kind.

If the guest cancels 30 days or more prior to their check-in date, the deposit will be returned to the guest, less a 3.5% administrative fee. If the guest cancels within 30 days prior to their check-in date, the total rental amount will be returned, less a 3.5% admin fee, if and only if, we are able to rent the apartment for the same amount of nights at the same rate.


  1. Place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, add detergent and turn on.

  1. All garbage must be taken out to the bin in the back yard by the gate to the beach. Do not place loose garbage in the bin. All trash must be in bags.

  1. All returnables (soda and beer cans, water bottles, wine bottles, etc.) must be placed in the smaller black bin marked “cans and bottles”. It is located in the back yard beside the trash bin near the gate to the beach. Please do not place newspapers, cardboard, paper or other recyclables, the bin is only for cans and bottles that can be returned for a deposit.

  1. Do not place coffee grounds in the sink. They will clog the drain.

  1. Please leave the keys on the kitchen table upon check out. There is a $25 fee for each set of lost keys, deducted from your $250 damage/cleaning deposit.

  1. If you moved furniture and do not place it back before you leave, you will be charged $75 which will be taken from your damage/cleaning deposit.

  1. If there is a cigarette smoke odor or if there is any evidence that there was smoking inside the apartment or on the decks, there is a $250 fine which means you will forfeit your damage/excessive cleaning deposit.


  1. There is a strict no alcohol policy on the beach. If you are caught with alcohol in your cooler or glass, you will be fined and your alcohol will be confiscated.

  1. There is a no smoking resolution ordinance on the beach. This means that you will be asked to remove your cigarette from the beach, but no fine can be imposed.

  1. No littering on the beach, including cigarette butts.

  1. Consumer Fireworks are prohibited in Old Orchard Beach, including on the beach.


You may call the owners, Brigitte or Lou, at 207-934-2355 or cell phone 207-939-1299 in case of emergency.

____ We acknowledge that we have received these rules of the property and will abide by these rules during our stay at the Auberge apartment.


Print name________________________________________


Rental period (dates of the week rented):_________________


The lock box is located in the back of the house. Walk through the archway to the back, go up the stairs to the second floor. The box is attached to the house, beside the guest door. The keys inside will open this door only. You will be provided with 2 sets of keys. Each set will have a replacement fee of $25 each that will be deducted from your damage deposit if you lose them, so please don’t lose them.

  1. Open the black lid by pulling down.

  2. Enter in code that was provided to you in the email.

  3. Press the top lever (chrome thing) down and pull at the same time.

  4. Remove keys

  5. The box must be closed again. To close the box properly:

  6. Enter the same code again and press the top lever down while pushing the number plate back in.

  7. Close the black lid.

  8. When you check out, please leave the keys on the kitchen table.

Reminder: check in is after 3:00 pm

Check out is before 10:00 am